Introduction To Diving

Your Very First Dive | No Experience Required!

Try your very first dive with our professional diving  instructors. If you are not sure whether you want to pursue a diving license or not, this introduction dive package is usually the best way to find out! Book your introduction to package today! You will not regret it.


introduction dive


Travel. Get that passport ready! In addition to discovering new dive locations, you can learn about the different cultures around the world. It’s relaxing. For the most part, diving is an extremely relaxing sport. All you need to do is descend into the blue and the fish will take it from there. You could spend hours in 1 spot just watching how the critters make a living underwater Join the other 2.5 million people in the world with an active SCUBA diving certification. It’s a great conversation piece and an easy ice-breaker when meeting other divers.

-The world has seen an explosion in scuba diving travelers.

- Dive school have popped up all over the world and hundreds of thousands are trying it out every year.



What does the package include? 

- An amazing boat trip from early morning till the afternoon
- Or a shore dive (depending on your preference)
- 1 or 2 introductory dives (depending on your preference)
- Soft drinks (water, coffee, tea, cold drinks)
- Mid trip open buffet lunch
- Transportation to/from your hotel inside hurghada
- Rental free for diving equipment

Alternatively, you can choose to snorkel or do a shore dive instead. See price list below for more details. 

What is Intro Dive?

As a beginner diver you can also join the world of divers and enjoy the other world and the beautiful landscapes of the beautiful coral people and the scenes of different fish species such as dolphins and aquatic turtles act,.


-you will do two diving in the open water at a depth not exceeding 10 meters.

-On the boat  the coaches will divide the groups and each coach will select 4 people with him.

-On the way to the dive site, the trainer will explain to his group how to dive and what they will do,.

-Of course, everyone will have their own equipment to suit their size,.

-Between the two dives, the team of the boat will cut and serve lunch to be ready for everyboady between the two divers,.

-At the end of the day you will have enjoyed the most exciting experiences in life and will remain with you as a memory of the most beautiful memories in the waters of Hurghada Red Sea,.


. If you are thinking of learning to dive, rest assure, warm water diving is very easy to learn and almost anyone could do it.
See only the testimonials page or follow this link,.

Price List

Full day boat trip with 1 introduction dive 35 Euros
 Full day boat trip with 2 introduction dives

60 Euros

Full day boat trip with snorkeling 

25 Euros

Half day shore trip at douse reef with 1 introduction dive

20 Euros

Half day shore trip at douse reef with 2 introduction dives

35 Euros

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